Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Miles of tiles

After a 17 year absence, I finally broke down and went to the Home Depot Expo. I had gone there once when we were renovating our first house and found it to be completely overwhelming and way out of my price range. There were so many beautiful things that I loved on sight, but responded with total sticker shock when I got close enough to see the actual price. This time through I did not see quite as much that impressed me and I was able to look at the pricey baubles with an eye toward "I can get something similar for less elsewhere". So basically, I was trolling for ideas. And the ideas were available in generous supply.

I was only 2 feet inside the door when I saw a beautiful bathroom display that had a black vanity with a square white sink and antiqued black hardware. Might be the way to go, but much more awaited me. I was momentarily diverted by the Christmas Clearance items which, by the way, were 75% off plus an additional 10%. That's right, you heard me - 85% off!!! Needless to say, I took advantage. I then made my way through the pillows and window treatment section. I am fairly certain that everything was silk. I spied a pair of black and white silk buffalo check curtains. They were totally gorg, but long silk curtains? In a bathroom? Not the most practical idea, particularly if we move the toilet under the window (an idea that we are kicking around). Besides, they were $140 a panel, so it would have been almost $300 dollars for the curtains without rods or lining sheers. Besides, romanced as I was by their beauty, I'm thinking shorter, simpler and more tailored, like maybe a roman shade. After taking a spin through the decorative accents, I finally reached my true destination - TILE!!!

The tile area at Expo puts everything up on the wall in little tile vignettes. I could have easily been overwhelmed by the miles of different tile configurations, but only one thing caught my eye - white subway tile with black accents. The tiles were laid out in a simple brick pattern with a mid-point border of black liner tiles with three dimensional white squares between the black borders. Amidst all the marble, ferrari red glass mosaic, relief patterns of urns emblazoned with Zeus' head and other over the top patterns , there was simplicity.

The bathroom will now take shape around this simple arrangement of ceramics. It's great, no, relieving to have a starting point. One decision in my pocket, only 299 more to go.