Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Class Act

As you may have read in my February 7th entry, there was a mix-up at the tile store that resulted in the wrong tile border being ordered. I called them and explained the issue and they realized that they had their tile mislabeled. They offered to airship the correct border from England as there was no tile available in the USA. However, it would take a week to get to me.
For numerous reasons, I could not add that week to the bathroom timeline, so I asked them if they would consider a small refund in the amount of the offered air shipment charges. The salesperson told me that she would discuss it with her manager and get back to me. Honestly, I never expected to get a call back, but two days later there was a message on my machine asking me to call them back. When I did, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they would be refunding me what amounted to about 27% of what I paid for the tile. I was so pleasantly surprised that I actually received good, rational, fair customer service that I almost fell off my chair. Considering that I could barely get sales help to recognize that I was even in the store at other tile places, to get actual service and satisfaction was a welcome change of pace.

The success of a business should not be judged on how much they sell, but on how they handle tricky customer service issues. This situation was handled in a fair and timely manner and I am completely pleased with my entire experience with this company. I strongly recommend Old Country Tile (in Westbury and Port Jefferson) for a great tile shopping experience.