Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dot Dot Dot Dit Dit Dit Dot Dot Dot

My tile has arrived! The clouds parted, a choir of angels lifted their voices in song and a pair of white doves descended upon my home to deliver me the most awesome of tile creations.

OK, so it wasn't quite like that. It actually went something more like this -

- I had a miserable time tile shopping

- I finally found something that I loved

- I ordered it and incurred the wrath of Dave as it was way more than he expected.

- I waited two weeks for the tile to come in and then Kenny and Dave went to pick it up.

- I came home in anxious anticipation of seeing my tile to find that they ordered the wrong border.

- I pitched a full-on diva-style hissy fit swearing that I would have someones job if I did not get an overnight shipment of the correct border as this was the one that I clearly told her that I HATED because it looked like Morse Code. Dot! Dot! Dit! Dot!

- I woke up in the morning to Dave leaving for Las Vegas and immediately had a searing case of bitchers remorse.

- I called Dave and apologized for my evil, possessed behavior (not toward him, but near him).

- Ultimately decided to keep the border and count my blessings. All in all, it's still pretty fierce (incorrect configuration or not).

PS. After my first draft of this entry had been saved, Kenny called and offered to go to the tile store and raise holy hell. I politely refused his offer and agreed to call the store myself. They owe me a call back on Monday when the "girl that enters orders" would be on site. If they can airship the tile to my house by Tuesday then I'll change it out or else I will just accept that I can use my tile to send an SOS if I fall in the shower.