Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Duke of Earl-rubbed bronze



. . . or maybe just plain stupid. Unfortunately for me (and those around me) I am not a very deep thinker. I go on gut, instinct, visceral reaction or whatever you want to call it. As such, some of my decisions, which I make handily, can lead to situations downstream that require more time, money or customization than intended. Such is the case with oil rubbed bronze. I'm no trend watcher, I like what I like regardless of what is in vogue. So what I have envisioned for light fixtures all along is a distressed black metal finish. As I was shopping for bath fixtures I was pleased to find that faucets, shower heads and other bath fittings also come in this type of finish.
It was immediately clear to me that it was what I should do - order all my fixtures in it. Cool looking, old fashioned, works with the subway tile. What more did I need to know?

I started by ordering the light fixtures. They arrived quickly. As soon as they were delivered Dave carted them up to the bathroom where Kenny was working. Kenny took one look at the box and he started laughing. "Oil rubbed bronze?" he asked Dave. "Do you realize that you're going to pay extra for every fixture that you order in that finish?" I was at work, but I swear that at the moment he told this to Dave, I could hear him crying. What do I know? To me it just looked pretty. It was in my minds eye when I envisioned the bathroom.

So we have established that I am impulsive and that I don't think. However, what I know is that it will look perfect. I also know that Dave will never tell me to "just go pick something out" ever again. I have to go now, Dave just ordered the shower fixtures. . . .and he needs a hankie.