Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here Cubby, Cubby, Cubby

So have I mentioned lately that Kenny rocks? Whatever I dream up, he executes it flawlessly.

I wanted a set of shelves, cubbies really, kind of like what we had in elementary school to hold our lunchbox and coat. Now that the old motel 6 shower has been sealed off and opened up to the hallway as a linen closet, I needed to find a way to leverage some of that space within the bathroom. My concept was a row of cubbies. Kenny's solution, he built a boxed out unit of slide-in shelves that will run behind the left wall of the shower (See pics). What he did that was really cool was he built them with consideration for the doorknob (which I NEVER would have thought of), so when the door opens, it opens into the headspace of one of the shelves. It's great to have someone think for me. I need to figure out how I can I get that service 24X7.