Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blurry in the photo. Tasty on the palate.

I was out in the blogosphere the other day, looking for inspiration from web sites and blogs dedicated to cooking and entertaining, and in the process I stumbled on the Noble Pig. And when I say that I stumbled on it I mean that I used the website referral service and found it. The very first page that I hit on this site brought me face to face with a creation called "Pasta Pie". This recipe, from the fertile imagination of Martha Stewart, is essentially an upright Baked Ziti made in a spring form pan and sliced like a cake to serve. Clearly, from the snaps above, my pictures of this savory cake came out pretty lame, so if you want to see a nicer version of what it should look like and get the recipe, go here -

By comparison to the level of theater that this brings to the table, it was ridiculously easy to make. It's one of those recipes that I approached with the expectation of failure. But it was actually very easy to make and after spicing up the meat sauce recipe with fresh basil, parsley, dried oregano and a little extra salt it was very well suited to our tastes. Imagine my surprise when I unmolded it and it actually stayed together. The presentation was a huge hit with the kids and I was very protective of its perfection. As soon as I saw Dave make a play for the knife I swept in with a pincer motion and cut him right off. There was no way that I was going to let him hack into my masterpiece before getting a perfect slice to set aside for pics. To top off this yummy dinner, I made the Butterscotch Pudding recipe from last month's gourmet magazine ( ). It is undoubtedly the easiest and best tasting pudding that I have ever had. The recipe is simple, even bullet proof as I have varied the type of milk used and doubled the recipe with identical success in each case. As tonight was earth hour, my daughter kept turning out the lights while I tried to photograph my pudding. I was reduced to grabbing a snap or two by the light of the refrigerator, which Dave caught me doing, making me feel like a complete dork. He snuck up like the ninja that he is and got behind me, mimicking my hunch into the fridge . When I stood up and saw his visage by the narrow slice of light let out from the closing door, I almost jumped out of my skin. Good luck with all the jarred sauce and boxed mac and cheese that you'll be eating when you put me in the hospital with a heart attack sweetie.

I was working from home today and as such was a little time crunched and could not dedicate the time to proper photos. The dismal truth is that the pictures above are actually the best of the bunch that I took (?!). However, even though today's pictures look like hell, the subjects tasted like heaven. This little piggy is noble indeed.

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