Sunday, March 15, 2009

Now you see it . . .Now you don't

I have been working a lot lately and when I work a lot and feel out of touch with my home environment, I get the itch to bake. Baking folds me back into
machinery of home life and makes me feel like I am part of the family again.

As we were celebrating my mother in law's 88th birthday this weekend, I baked a cake. While I was busy with the cake, the kids came to me and asked me to make cookies. Mother's guilt is a powerful thing and before I knew it, I was pulling a Butterscotch Poundcake out of the oven and shoveling Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies in. The cookies were still as hot as molten lava when the kids started downing them. I missed the installation of asbestos lining in their mouths, which could be the only thing protecting them from cookies that hot. As of the writing of this blog entry, there are exactly zero of 36 cookies left. It's easy to blame this on the kids, but I know that Dave eats them too. He is silent and and ninja-like about it though. I'll never see him take a cookie, but they automagically disappear off the plate whenever he is around. Save for the tell-tale crumb or two in his moustache, his subterfuge is fairly effective. His birthday is coming up. Maybe a shinobi-zue would make a good gift.