Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PARTY! Party. party?

I am happy to report that l I survived another birthday! Not my birthday of course, as that will pass quietly like a thief in the night. I am referring to my daughter's birthday.

This past weekend was dedicated to the art of the party and I felt more like Picasso than Renoir on this most recent attempt as my parts were all out of order. Usually, I am an obsessively organized party giver. I shop early, plan excessively and write lists like my life depended on it. Not this time though. And it wasn't one party that needed arrangement, it was two.

Saturday night was the family party for twenty plus relatives, which is always better to be tending to than participating in. As I float past the various conversations I realize that I like to be able to just shut up and serve cake. Sometimes I hear random comments that are too hilarious to ignore, such as my mother asking loudly whether someone was on "MyFace". As you might guess, she's more into crocheting than social networking. This is also the same woman that referred to Eddie Murphy as Eddie Washington throughout the 80's. We think some of her wiring got crossed in her idyllic, post-WW II suburban upbringing. Too much red M&M's and diet soda with saccarine.

The family party closed up around 11:00 PM Saturday night and we started to clean up and get ready for the Sunday party that was scheduled at 1:00 PM the next day. Sophia had chosen a Hippie theme for her kiddie party, so everything was to be tiedye and peace signs. We decided to get "Hello my name is . . " stickers and give everyone a hippie name when they arrived. I chose Willow for my hippie name as it is a name that no one would ever use to describe me. My daughter selected Rainbow.

My daughter had a friend sleep over, so we started the next morning with one guest in hand. Then at 11:30, one of her friends that could not make the party dropped by for an hour to see her and give her a gift. She ended up staying for the whole thing. By 1:15 the second party was in full swing. There were 17 little girls sitting around my dining room table doing crafts and eating pizza and chicken nuggets. This was a hungry group. I couldn't shovel stuff in and out of the oven fast enough. "More curly fries!", they screamed "More pizza!". By this time, the flop sweat was starting to ruin my carefully flat-ironed do. We made cootie catchers, had tie dyed cake and gave everyone peace sign tattoos. Lucky for me, all 17 parents were punctual in picking up their kids, so I had an empty house by 3:15, with the exception of my son's two friends that were huddled around the internet IM-ing with girls and giggling like them.

I made a quick sweep to clean things up and grumpily announced that I was going upstairs to take a nap. I laid down in my bed at 4:00 PM, channel surfed a little and nodded off after a few minutes. 4:20 DING DONG! My dad shows up. He wasn't able to make the Saturday night party so he popped in on Sunday. I stumbled down the stairs and into the kitchen and chatted with them while I made marinara sauce for Sophia's chosen birthday dinner. She wanted lasagne, but I negotiated her down to baked ziti. I had to run interference at 5:00 PM when the mom of one of my son's friends dropped off smoothies and wraps for the boys. Here's a topic that I would love some feedback on - Would you do that? Randomly drop off food at someone elses house at dinner time without mentioning a word to the PIC (parent in charge)? I was dumbfounded. I called my son down to the kitchen and instructed him in no uncertain terms that if he ate so much as one bite of that wrap that I'd have his orthodontist wire his mouth shut at the next visit. He was not going to miss his sister's birthday dinner.

Dinner was over and cleaned up by 7:00. I don't remember what happened after that. I might have fallen face first into a pile of laundry or curled up in a corner with the dog to tell her all about how tired I was, since everyone else had heard enough of that from me for one day. Ok, so I whined a little. All in all, everyone got what they wanted - my in-laws got copious amounts of cake and goodies, my daughter got her hippie party and baked ziti and my mother learned the difference between MySpace and Facebook. All I want is a little sleep, which I intend to do this weekend when I disappear into the Pennsylvania woods with my girlfriends for a little R&R. Until then, it's birthday time again, this time for my husband. I think I'm just gonna take him out.

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peewee said...

HAHAHAH! My step-mom called it "space book" JUST last night! Too funny. I was going to blog about it at some point...just so you know I'm not ripping u off.

Oh,and that link you posted? BRILLIANT! too funny. Thanks for the laughs in my roach motel

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Anytime. Homestarrunner.com takes the sting out of all things . . . even roach motels.

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