Friday, April 17, 2009


Spring is finally here on the east coast! It has been a long time coming. Usually by the time Easter rolls around, hyacinths daffodils and forsythia are in abundance and the intoxicating smell of spring blossoms fills the air. However, up until three or four days ago, the blossoming cherry and pear trees and other budding beauties kept their little blossoms tightly balled up, with no hint of the explosion of color and aroma to follow.

I got my first hint that Spring was in the hood yesterday as I sat in a particularly boring meeting. I cleverly positioned myself on the side of the table that would have a view of the outdoors. Right outside the window of this second floor conference room sits an immense pear tree. This tree sits right along side the floor to ceiling windows of the conference room. Small puffs of white flowers were bursting out all over the place, seemingly at our feet. If you concentrated hard enough on the tree and not on the meeting, you could almost feel like you were sitting on top of a cotton ball. It was glorious, and way cooler than whatever blobbity-blah we were discussing.

The workplace has a particularly cruel way of harshing Spring’s gig. To view gorgeous flowering trees against a cloudless blue sky while locked in a sweltering conference room filled with nothing but stale, hot air is a tease of monumental proportions. This morning’s workplace “gift” was the overwhelming aroma of manure. I guess they had fertilized the beds in front of the building. The cow dung aura hung in the air like a poison cloud, crushing the smell of any spring buds that might be hanging in the breeze. For some reason, I always get to work just as some olfactory assault is in progress. On any given morning I can arrive to the aroma of the maintenance crew pooping the flower beds, pumping the cesspool or tarring the parking lot. They say timing is everything and I don’t have it.

Luckily for me, spring’s more delightful aromas hit me at the most unexpected place. Last night I headed over to Sears to pickup something that I had ordered (hush, hush on what it was. It was a gift.) and as I walked in the doors of the pick-up area I was bowled over by the fragrance of dogwood blossoms. It was 8:45 at night, the parking lot was poorly lit and the pickup area was dull and dingy, but that smell lifted me up to an amazing high. It’s a smell that transported me back to my childhood, to the time of the year when I’d ride my bike for hours and feel the cool breeze and warm sun simultaneously. That rush of scent, more than anything else, made me feel in my bones that spring was here. I guess I’ll have to clean the house.

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steenky bee said...

I'm totally with you on this one! Our office is situated directly from a major park in Salt Lake City. When spring arrives, I press myself against the floor to ceiling windows and just wish I could be out there chasing ducks. (There's a lot of dogs out there chasing ducks so that's eventually where my mind wanders!)

Also? THANK YOU SO MUCH for the kindest, most in-depth comment over at Sego Lily! They finally released the comments and I laughed so hard at yours. You are too kind! Honestly, thank you so much! I owe you.

Another Also? I totally forwarded the link to you Easter Breakfast post to my husband just now. He sent me back a message that I think was just him drooling. He has been known to tell me that we don't have nearly enough bacon in our diet.

(Sorry I didn't email you back a proper thank you, but I couldn't find your email address in by book.) So now, you have a public record of my appreciation! Mwah!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

My pleasure. Your blog is so much fun and I think you could bring a laugh or two to the whispers and slippers vibe of a spa day. Hope you get the gig.

And thanks so much for the follow. I'm a noob (born on 1/09), so every follower won is incentive to continue this ridiculous brain-dump.

PS. My bacon is way straight, right?

Natashya said...

I walked the dogs at 2 and then at 6, and there were 4 inch little narcissus where there hadn't been any earlier that day. Spring is a miracle, I am blown away every year.
Just open the windows and let the breeze clean the house.. better yet get the kids to do it! While you have a beer or a glass of wine.. maybe you shouldn't take parenting tips from me!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Are you kidding? You sound like a parenting genius! How do you feel about letting a nine year old go with a pressure washer?

peewee said...

flowers trees blah blah blah. SPRING has arrived when those little green dressed girls delivered cookies to my doorstep. Ahhh....The fresh springy smell of chocolate mint!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

That is the only reason that they are forgiven for wearing such unflattering uniforms. The children in the green shmatas deliver Thiiiiiinnnn Miiiiinnntttss. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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