Sunday, April 12, 2009

What I ate for Easter Breakfast

Cheese Strata, bacon, cornbread, peeps and rice crispie treat bird's nests filled with jelly beans. I won't even get into what we had for dinner as I don't enough strength to type out the entire Magna Carta length list. Too tired from my epic sugar crash.

Here it is, Thursday (4/16) (though this will backpost to Easter onna counta cuz that's when I uploaded the pics to the draft. Curse you foul blogger! Curse you!) and I am limping through another post-Easter glycemic meltdown. I had posted a comment on *The Letters That I Wish I had Written that I would need a Keith Richards style bloodwashing after my Easter debauchery was completed. I think I am there. Who am I kidding? I am so there.


* I iz a mo-ron end dunt no how 2 put a link in my blog entrie. So here iz a kut end payst becuz I R 2 incompitint to do it the rite way.