Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Link Love Roman Style

For those of you that have been around the Mad Bathroom for a while, you know that I took a trip to Italy in the summer of 2010. To say that I was transformed by the experience would be an epic understatement.  I fell so in love with Italy, with Rome in particular, that I now eat, drink, read and cook everything that is even remotely Roman.

In my ongoing daydreaming of a return to the narrow cobblestone streets of central Rome, I have been researching the areas that I have not visited and have been thrilled to learn that there is more undiscovered territory than another three or four return trips could address. 

In the process of this research, I found the most amazing blogger.  Her name is Elizabeth Minchilli and she is a food writer and reporter in Rome. Her blog is full of beautiful images, stories and videos about all things Rome.  I highly recommend a stroll through her place, if you want to experience a little La Dolce Vita.


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400 Wakeups said...

Oh I simply adored Rome. We also did Siena and Florence while we were in Italy, but Rome is where my heart remains. It is an amazing city that somehow successfully melts antiquity with the rush of modern day Italian life. And yet, it doesn't seem schizophrenic at all. It truly has mastered both of its personalities. Heading over to check out your new find.

And on a completely unrelated note, I'm back. I moved over to 400 Wake-ups after Neal deployed to Iraq to document what it's like to go through a deployment. I will return to Magnolias & Mimosas when he comes home. But I've missed you and your crazy Post It Note Tuesdays and all the rest. It feels really good to be back into the swing of it all!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Oh Allyson! I am so happy to hear from you. I got a strange e-mail from you with a link in it and I was afraid to click on it (thought it was a spoof e-mail). Now I know what it is. I will come visit soon! Hope you are doing well.

Susan Fobes said...! I will take a look...

Linda Medrano said...

I fell in love with Paris, much like you did with Rome. I've been 3 times and it's not nearly enough. Rome I'm sure is exactly the same way. I need to check out the Italy food site! Thanks!

linlah said...

I'd like to fall in love with a foreign place like Switzerland or Austria, wait, wait I mean Aruba or Costa Rica.

Amy said...

Oh how I yearn to visit Italy one day! That blog looks amazing...can't wait to dive in!

The Empress said...

Oh, now why do I do that to myself???

LiBBy said...

O Italy is somewhere I would love to go but I hear they frown upon we dirty Irish. Ill have to go back and find your photos and posts about your trip. Id love to read/see them.

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