Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Mother's Pride

There are times when being a parent is the biggest pain in the ass since post-partum hemorrhoids and then there are days when your chest swells so from parental pride, that you feel your heart might burst out of your chest.  Welcome to my rollercoaster.

I was driving my son to a doctor's appointment yesterday morning and I took the opportunity of his captivity in the car to clarify the meaning behind a very stupid comment that I had made about a week ago.  One day when I was driving him and a group of his friends somewhere, I made an offhand comment about not liking parents.   Somewhere later in the day I realized that the kids in the car probably thought I meant that I don't like THEIR parents.  This was not the case, but just because my son probably knew what I meant, didn't mean they did.

"Your friends know that I don't hate their parents, right?"  I began.   "Yeah, I know you don't hate them, but you're not exactly social.  You don"t really hang around and talk much."  He replied.   "I know, but that's because I'm always running and in a hurry.  It doesn't mean that I dislike them.   You know the parents that I hate are just your friend's dad who threw you out of the house for your political views and the PTA."  Then he looked over at me and uttered the most beautiful, pride inducing words that I think I have ever heard. His response was - "I know mom.  The PTA are a council of plagues."

I'm not sure what I was more proud about, his well honed harpy detector or his brilliant use of language.  Maybe both.  With that one phrase, he crystallized what the PTA is in our school district and supplied himself with a great band name, should he ever decide to form a speed metal band.

My maternal pride balloon was burst this morning however, when I found that he did not close the refrigerator door properly, leaving the light on to heat an entire Memorial Day weekend worth of food to an unsafe temperature.  I had to throw out the entire contents of the fridge.  I have to go now as I have to re-shop for all of the food that I lost.  Guess who's getting rousted out of bed at an ungodly (for a teenager) hour to put the groceries away?  Yup, momma's pride and joy.

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Shelly - Tropical Mum said...

So, I take it that none of the PTA read your blog?

That is a brilliant choice of words, well worthy of a mother's pride.

Stopping by after an extended absence with humble apologies and much grovelling for being a neglectful fan. Will try to do better in future. ;-)

Carrie said...

Hehehe... Council of Plagues. Priceless
Entire fridge of spoiled food - o. m. g. I can imagine the thoughts going through your head at that one.

Hope you have a great weekend (once you get done re-shopping!)

Tenetia said...

his allowance paid for the groceries, right? lol, great post!

hokgardner said...

Always a little of the bad with the good, right?

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

He is brilliant! But isn't it amazing how their brilliance clicks on and off? Kind of like the light in a fridge when you open and close the door.

linlah said...

I'm hoping he didn't use any brilliant language when you woke him up.

Linda Medrano said...

That guy has a way with words! Wonderful! The ruined food, eh! It happens!

Lin said...

I've always hated most of the parents I've come across along the way as well--especially those nit-wits in the PTA. There are a handful of parents that worked as hard as I did in the trenches of little league, dance, Brownies, or band--and I do love them. But it takes a LOT to earn my love. There are just some parents that do NOTHING and their kid counts on me. Ugh.

Bummer about the food and the fridge.

Amy said...

I get this roller coaster you speak of, and quite frankly, I need more ups than speeding down to my death downs.

I think your boy is the coolest....even if he's a little absent minded about the fridge at times;)

foxy said...

"council of plagues" - he is SO your son. I can totally see you saying (writing) something exactly like that. I love it.

MiMi said...

I'm thinking he would kick my ass at any word play game. LOL
Someone's dad kicked him outta the house for his political views??? Seems like I read about that when it happened...but now I can't remember.

400 Wakeups said...

Well you realize that children don't just burst forth with this sort of wit and insight on their own, right? It's totally a nurture thing. So WELL DONE!! Also, it's a much better band name than Mouse Rat.

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