Saturday, August 10, 2013

Finding His Voice

When we first got Buzz the Magnificent, he was completely terrified by the sound of Brownie the Wonderdog's bark.  Brownie, being somewhat neurotic, barks at the television any time she can make out even the faintest suggesstion of a four legged creature.  It does not matter how loose that suggestion is, either.  It can be a cartoon, live action, a photo or a painting.  If she can make out four legs, ears and a tail, she goes off. And for some reason, she barks aggressively at the line drawing of the of the Ford Cmax guy and the Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil guys.  See what I mean about neurotic?  Or perhaps only she senses that both of these animations have an evil plot for world domination and she needs to save us from their nefarious doings...and then won't I have egg on my face?

See the open hand pointed skyward?  Clearly a megalomaniacal dictator with a god complex and an endless suppy of plastique.
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Little silver chefs - the axis of evil.
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In spite of Buzz's sphincter seizing fear when Brownie barks and in spite of the fact that we have in fact seemingly rendered him a castrata, our dear boy is developing something of a deep, basso profundo bark, as evidenced below.  He can also eat without chewing.

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Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

I bark at those tin foil things too... Scary.
He's so darn cute!

unsolicited advice-if it's hard food add water. Deep chested dogs are subject to bloat and the water slows them down and reduces air swallowing. Helps keep down that very special brand of unexpected room perfuming too ; )

Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

MOTPG - Good advice. I know the Danes are definitely prone to bloat. We have since found out that he is a foxy-dane. Mom was a foxhound and dad a great dane. Now, when I say foxydane, I don't mean that he is a designer dog, but rather the spawn of a great dane that jumped the fence and got at his next door neighbor's foxhound.

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