Sunday, January 31, 2016

Rescuing a Cake in Distress

Watch me try to MacGuyver my home-made version of a cake wreck over here.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

How to Ride Out the Storm

Well, they were right.  No, they were wrong.  Our weather people actually UNDER-estimated the snowfall.  That's a first.  Most of the models predicted 6-12" of snow.  A number that made me say "Hah!".  The number sounded like a mere sprinkle in comparison to the hefty dumpage we had gotten in recent years past - 18" 24", significant snow that hung around in dirty piles for weeks post-storm. What's the big whoop about 6-12 inches?

No matter, I was ready.  I had shopped well.  I planned for Sangria, Chili, Pasta Fagioli, Chianti, Mac and Cheese, Whispering Angel Rose (my absolute fave), Queso Dip, Orvietto Classico, Stuffed French Toast, Prosecco, Calzones and oh, did I mention that I had wine?

Go ahead Mother Nature.  Crap your glittery white sprinkles all over us.  We were ready. We have wine.

Me and my big mouth.  I threw down the gauntlet and mother nature answered in spades.  30" of the fluffy, white celestial detritus fell. Still, I was ready.  I was pissed.  But I was ready.

A toasty Calzone with Parmesean Crust as a pre-amble to the snow.

A little Whispering Angel as the snow started to fall.

The morning after the big snowfall.  Looking out over about 30" of accumulated snow.

The snowblower cut more of a trench than a path.

The snow fairies left me a Donnie Darko bunny in the front shrubbery.

Crystal blue skies of the morning after the blizzard.

A post-snow plow brunch of stuffed French Toast and thick cut bacon.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year! Are You Feeling Beany?

Happy New Year!

If you would like a recipe for a hearty bean soup, grab the Beano and check me out over here.