Friday, February 26, 2016

They Love Me in Russia!

Much like the way the French loved Jerry Lewis, it seems the country formerly known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic also loves me.  Side note here; these folks could take a lesson in name brevity from Prince.  Verbose naming aside, I must say that I am tickled by this sudden interest in my blog. Na zdorov'ye comrades!

But why?  Let's examine the evidence.  

  • Admittedly, I am something of a vodka hoarder/consumer.  My freezer currently holds five bottles of the stuff, none of it however is from the Russian Federation. 
  •  I am not a hand-crafter of balalaikas, borscht, blini or any other product that begins with the letter B. 
  • Caviar makes me skeeve so hard that I might start speaking Russian spontaneously.  If you despise a prized foodstuff of any country, it is generally not a popularity winner.  My hatred for the Balut Egg is clearly behind my limited readership in Southeast Asia. Duh.
  • I have no Russian bloodline but my children do, by way of my mother in law.  However, that bloodline is so diluted by an abundance of Sicilian that even the mainland Italians don't like us. I can't see their 1/8th heritage being a big winner.

So why the sudden jump in my Russian readership? The answer to these questions is often found deep in the belly of the Blogger Analytics tool.  

According to the Blogger Analytics tool, Russia appears to be kicking the USA's ass in readership.

Interestingly enough, Google Analytics does not agree with this statistic over the same time period. Zero readers from Russia.

The answer to the question has only become more murky upon investigation.  There is only one solution to this riddle and that is to ignore it and try to figure out why someone was referred to my site by an Indian Fetish Porn site.  More vodka! This may take a while.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cancer Prevention and Endorsement Prevention

You know me.  You know me well, because if you are visiting this blog, you have probably been around since 2009 when I first started. We don't like to brag about our 0% growth, but hey, if you've got it, flaunt it (I'll wait while you self-soothe your jealousy with a glass of Pinot Grigio.  Better? Let's continue).

So if you know me, you know that I am seldom serious in this space.  But even goofballs with very little to say about life beyond hating the PTA, loving poop jokes, possessed of a personal tendency to both whine and drink wine are impacted by cancer.  Almost everyone is touched by cancer, either personally, or via the ones they love. There is nothing funny about cancer, it flat-out sucks.  And because I have lost two aunts that I adored to the disease and because my father fought skin cancer, my best friend fought breast cancer and my sister in law is currently in a battle with brain cancer, I did something that I have never before and may never again do...I responded to an email solicitation to post about something.  Granted, this was not the usual request to post about how much I like a particular brand of canned soup (I don't) or about how fantabulously a particular brand of bladder leak pads work (they don't...I mean, I suppose or guess they don't...whatever), this was about cancer.  But then I dug a little further...

Turns out that the party that solicited me was a law firm that handles environmental cancer litigation cases.  I understand that we need organizations to help people fight for recovery after an avoidable catastrophic illness takes away their life or quality of life, but I cannot plug for a law firm or any other business.  That goes against everything that this blog stands for, which is pretty much nothing...or at least nothing that has to do with commerce.  How else can you explain my complete lack of sponsorship or popularity? So rather than shill for their organization, I am going to thank them for making me aware that it is indeed cancer prevention month and I will point you to the organization that has all of the information around cancer prevention, the American Cancer Society.

February is cancer prevention month and there are some things that we all can do (yes, I am pointedly addressing this to myself) to help move the odds in our favor, by way of prevention.  The basic list is provided below, but do yourself a favor and visit the American Cancer Society website for an abundance of information.  While your're there, you can even make a donation if you like.  I did and will continue to do so without solicitation.

  • Don't smoke
  • Moderate alcohol use
  • Get regular exercise
  • Use sunscreen
  • Get regular exams/screenings
  • *Eat the rainbow

*Hey, Cheech and Chong, this does not refer to the use of psychadellics. It refers to fruits and vegetables.

All my love and best wishes for your health and the health of those you love. XOXO

- Diary